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Wynken, Blynken and NodFabio Costa (#420) signing autographs.Tony Zani, first time behind the wheelStory tellerMy son, Lucas with John ConchaThe Three TroublemakersHis "office" for the ... minuteHanging out with David Higgins at Parc ExposeHanging out with Craig Drew at Parc ExposeHanging out with Nick Roberts at Parc ExposeA super cool way to "wrap" your rally car.Fabio Costa / Steven HarrellJeremy Keck and James QuattroGary DeMasi always fixing something.Arkadiusz Gruszka and co-driver Lukasz WronskiMicah Nickelson and co-driver Tyler PtacekJon Kramer and co-driver Adam KimmettTomas Solnicky and co-driver Ray VambutsJames Beliveau and co-driver Scott BeliveauKyle Steinkamp and co-driver Brian Thurgate